What is a Change Order in Construction? – Why it’s Used

What is a change order in construction? It is when there are changes made to a project some point during the construction process. There are different factors which can lead to changes in the scope of work midway. For example, the client may fail to estimate the correct amount of materials.

What is a Change Order in Construction

Some of the factors which can lead to delay in project completion include the following:

Poor Project Work Estimation

The contractor may estimate to accomplish the project in the estimated time slot, but due to different reasons he ends up failing to complete the project in time. To allow the project to continue, the contractor may have to meet with the parties involved where he will give reason why they feel like the project should be given more time. The parties involved will have to agree and they may have to give more time to the contractor to finish the project.

Obstacles Affecting the Project PlanWhy Use a Change Order in Construction

There are several obstacles that can alter a construction project. For example, the ground may not be suitable for the foundation that requires more work aimed at preparing the ground. In such a case, the project has to be negotiated so that the parties involved can have new terms to finish the project under.

Failure in One of the Parties Involved in Completing Derivable

The three parties involved should have a role to play. There are some parties which may fail. For example, if the client fails to avail all the necessary resources required for the construction work due to financial constraints, then the project will not run as it was intended. The parties involved may have to negotiate a new deal in the middle of the project which can lead to different terms of operation.

Introducing More Features to the Project Midway

A client may learn about new features which will make the project more attractive. If the client decides to introduce new features in the middle of the project implementation, then the project may have to be renegotiated for new terms of operation. If you are a client and you would like to change or include new features, be prepared for a possible change in the budget.

What is a change order in construction? It is a case where the scope of work in the construction project is changed due to addition of different features midway or even changes in the way the project should be completed.